Humanity only exists in the Future Humanity only exists in the Future

We have accomplished many
distinguished and successful projects.
Our name, Creative Intelligence Associates,
stands for a group
of individuals brimming
with creativity to design the future.
We are experts focusing on
creating customer experience.




CIA developed the first overseas store of the popular Parisian bakery LIBERTÉ PÂTISSERIE BOULANGERIE in Kichijoji, Tokyo.
As a Pâtisserie Boulangerie near to people’s daily lives, LIBERTÉ Tokyo shares the original values of “Transparency”, “Locality” and “Quality” as the Paris flagship store.

SAKURA craft_lab

SAKURA craft_lab

The series "SAKURA craft_lab" which CIA developed for Sakura Color Products Corp has been featured in the Nikkei Design magazine June 2018 issue “Innovation Starts With Observation.”
CIA Inc. created SAKURA craft_lab’s total branding, starting from the brand DNA and developing the SAKURA craft_lab concept, and later continuing with product planning and development, advertising and marketing.



SKY TREK provides a new casual luxury air-limo travel experience.
We developed the naming, aircraft exterior graphics and interior design, uniform design, and smartphone application which provide a next generation travel experience.



CIA developed the branding and store renewal of Ozaki Flower Park, a gardening destination beloved by the local people of Tokyo. The renewal includes the store façade, walkways, merchandise, and a new neighboring "Growers Cafe” featuring local vegetables from farm to table.

AOKI suitsbox

AOKI suitsbox

With our alliance partner CI&T Inc. CIA has developed a digital subscription service program that provides new apparel customer experience. The developed solution fully utilizes the cloud, not only Magento to EC, Salesforce for CRM, Stripe for settlement, Amazon Connect for call center, and minikura for warehouse system. We were able to realized customer experience value in the early stage.



"Copeteria" is a Copepan specialty store that offers 50 variations of Japanese hot dogs with a concept of "just right deliciousness". CIA provided branding, menu, and the first store development support.
We are also considering future expansion of multiple stores by implementing store design, sign design, and etc.

Track Record

We created countless successful projects in various fields based on our creative solutions accumulated through our 30 years of experience.


CIA was selected over eight international branding agencies in competition to provide a total branding service for the first ever LLC airline company in Japan. We proposed a lifestyle changing experience through logo design, aircraft graphics, interior design and uniform design.


CIA worked with MUFG to transcend the banking model, breaking from old traditions to rebuild and incorporate a structure based on the needs and expectations of today’s private clientele. Partnered with Neil M. Denari who is known for his progressive and innovative approach towards architectural design and visualization, MUFG’s private banking expanded nationwide to Ginza, Yokohama, Umeda, Sapporo, Sendai, and sixteen other locations.


Alongside architect Yukiharu Takematsu, CIA constructed Japan’s first fire-preventive wooden structured building in Center Minami Station. Our concept entitled “Green Neighborhood” reduced an astounding 1,400 tons of CO2 and successfully fulfilled our vision of a melting pot for locals, tenants, and producers.

Aoyama Flower Market

We developed the original flagship store prototype, ultimately leading to Aoyama Flower Market’s multi-store expansion. CIA continues to provide direction and strategy to the brand’s identity.
“Living With Flowers Everyday” is their core tagline.



CIA now

Our newest ongoing projects

  • Wellness Spa Development

    We are developing a wellness resort where working women can escape the stress of daily life at a reasonable price.

  • South East Asia Flagship Store Development

    This lifestyle marketing project targets the rapidly growing young generation that makes up more than half of the Southeast Asian population.

  • Open Innovation Institute

    In an accelerating digital society, we are working to create a much needed human centric innovation hub.  We are developing a new functional city that supports different points of view for people to learn, make, and experiment.

  • City of the Future

    We formed a team of specialists and university professors to do research and development on how to plan a human centric digital economy city in the future.

  • New Glass Product Design

    We are developing a new lifestyle product using glass and lighting technology and focusing on customer experience value.

  • Lifestyle Magazine

    We are developing and editing a lifestyle magazine as a marketing communication strategy.

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