CIA Inc. is always finding new values at the turning points of society, and We have been helping to build a brand with a strong presence. Now is the time for change and for a positive future. We are promoting creation for the future.

Brand Health Check

A new diagnostic program to properly assess and help increase the value of your brand

Brand Health Check is a service that identifies values and issues by diagnosing brands from multiple perspectives. Branding experts help create value for the future by identifying issues and recommending solutions.




Uniform renewal and design for major logistic company in Japan. Adoption of plant-derived PET fabric with 400t of CO2 reduction emission.
sakura 006

SAKURA craft_lab 006

Supporting the development of high-end writing instruments that can be combined to design your own original products

Solo Time

Development of Share Offices, catered towards a wide range of work styles for parents with young children


Support for rebranding of condominium brands offered by Haseko Real Estate

Hanasaku Seimei

Branding development support for new life insurance company of Nippon Seimei Group, Nanasaku Life Insurance


Brand development for a collective local brand to represent 10 major companies in Saga Prefecture

Legendary Brands


In 1997, CIA provided Uniqlo a prototype branding synthesis. As a retailer aiming at listing TSE partly from the discounter in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, we offered UNIQLO’s marketing strategy planning, development of model stores and comprehensive branding work. As a result, UNIQLO achieved rapid growth by penetrating Japanese original products. President Yanai’s remarks at the time, “I want to make Japanese national clothes”, has grown to be a global brand that will now advance into the United States, the UK, France, Korea, Hong Kong and China.

Aoyama Flower Market

We developed the original flagship store prototype, ultimately leading to Aoyama Flower Market’s multi-store expansion. CIA continues to provide direction and strategy to the brand’s identity.
“Living With Flowers Everyday” is their core tagline.


CIA worked with Mega Bank to transcend the banking model, breaking from old traditions to rebuild and incorporate a structure based on the needs and expectations of today’s private clientele. Partnered with Neil M. Denari who is known for his progressive and innovative approach towards architectural design and visualization, Private banking expanded nationwide to Ginza, Yokohama, Umeda, Sapporo, Sendai, and sixteen other locations.


CIA was selected over eight international branding agencies in competition to provide a total branding service for the first ever LLC airline company in Japan. We proposed a lifestyle changing experience through logo design, aircraft graphics, interior design and uniform design.


Alongside architect Yukiharu Takematsu, CIA constructed Japan’s first fire-preventive wooden structured building in Center Minami Station. Our concept entitled “Green Neighborhood” reduced an astounding 1,400 tons of CO2 and successfully fulfilled our vision of a melting pot for locals, tenants, and producers.


Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. was planning the development of a new visual identity of their service station, which serves as a touch point for the user at the milestone of its founding 95th anniversary and stock listing. In order to lead this plan, CIA won the idea competition and took charge of the project. Since 2007, about 5,000 Idemitsu SSs in Japan have been switched to new designs one by one. Idemitsu service station we see throughout the country switched to the new design, and successfully penetrated as new identity. Based on the concept of “First Class” and the support of evolving user’s car life with start-of-the-art technology, we made the design that considers the relationship between Idemitsu brand and motor sports.


From an ordinary front office vertical station building to a new city that revolves around the relationship between civilization and nature so called “Green Urbanism” with the brand name “ThinkPark” was introduced. The facility provides a juxtaposing environment with combination of a forest around a commercial organic conductors. Since 2004, CIA participated in the ThinkPark project and been comprehensively involved in the project from total branding to identity development, architectural direction, commercial consulting and promotion strategy for over three years. Opened in the autumn of 2007, both the office and commercial leasing have cleared the target, and six months before the completion, all tenants moved in.

Towards a
Well Being Society

As global warming progresses, CIA focuses on a Well Being society, through incorporating SDGs and wellness lifestyle branding to pursue a positive future.

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