Our Service

Our future prototyping verification process hypothesizes the future of the customer experience in its most ideal state, and realizes that ideal. By applying this unique method we have created successes such as Aoyama Flower Market, Peach Aviation, MUFG Private Banking, Ueshima Coffee, Oisix, etc.

Futurology diagram

Future Navigation

Our process begins with foreseeing a 3~5 year vision and prediction sensibility.


Core Value

Next, we create your unique hypothesis through our “brand DNA evolution”.


Customer Experience

Our successful track records are the result of our continually innovative prototyping process and experienced insight analysis. We cast the best specialists for each unique project – similar to a custom-made tailor.


Innovation Prototyping

Finally, we analyze the customer’s experience of “Quality of life”.
After all, “a potential customer wants to intuitively know how a product will enrich his or her lifestyle. Once you make this indication, the result is a sale”.

Alliance Partnerships

CI&T is a nearshore information technology and software engineering company. CI&T operates as a
global systems integrator headquartered in the Brazilian city of Campinas with offices in
other regions of South America, the United States, Europe, and Asia.
CI&T specializes in buisiness-agile enterprise methods for
systems integration and software development.
In 2010, CI&T developedDigital Studio (formerly Mobile Studio), a special unit
branded to addressmobility and mobile tools and services across all major platforms.
Super Sensing Forum is a consortium of the advanced sensing technologies comanies.
Tokyo university professor,Satoru Nakagawa,leads censoring technology,
artificial intelligence and othersensing networks.
Sy Chen assume the associate special fellow of Super Sensing Forum.