Brand Architects

Sy Chenシー・ユー・チェン


Sy Chen is the Founder/CEO at CIA Inc., a brand consulting company with a 30-year track record of success. His proposal, “Japan Branding,” has brought great changes to various corporations by constructing effective business prototypes. Chen’s Innovation Prototyping, a process of realising realistic project flow with careful verification, has risen success rates and reduced risks to his clients. He is known for successful projects like Uniqlo, Aoyama Flower Market, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank PBO, Idemitsu, Osaki Thinkpark,Peach, Southwood, and SAKURA craft_lab Projects.

Recipient of Residential Architecture Award Book : Impresario (Diamond Inc)

Shogo Yoshihara吉原正悟

Senior Managing Partner

Shogo Yoshihara is a highly qualified architect who has graduated from Toukai University. When Yoshihara first joined our team, he successfully established a retail branding system for ITOCHU Corporation. Now, he is a senior Managing Partner at CIA Inc., contributing in areas of marketing, branding, and consulting new business and strategic models for architectural developments, retail, restaurant businesses, and other service industries.

Yuichi Chida千田勇一

Managing Director

After Chida graduated Hitotsubashi University in 2006, he gained investment banking experience at Goldman Sachs, engaging in financing, M&A advisory and principal investments. He joined Revamp (CIA Inc.’s partnering company) in 2009 dealing with strategy, hands-on reevaluation, marketing, and branding in retail, food, service, and internet industry. He is also the director & COO of Act Tank Co., Ltd and the director & CEO for Full Throttles Co., Ltd.

Naruyoshi Ejima江島成佳

Branding Director

Ejima makes his goal to boost the corporate value, and beyond that, the customer experience value for each of CIA’s clients.
He is active in branding and visual identity development, corporate communication and promotion.
He is involved in every stage from concept development, planning and drafting to production direction as well as project management.

Project Management

  • Aaron A. Palileoアーロン・パリレオ

    ASEAN Director
  • Masaaki Oka岡 正明

    Strategy Advisor
  • Shinichi Tsukamoto塚本晋一

    Development Director
  • Eriko Furuwatari古渡依里子

    Senior Brand Architect
  • Tomoko Otsuki大槻朋子

    Brand Architect
  • Hajime Moriyama森山 一

    Brand Architect

Creative Force

  • Yoko Saiyama齊山陽子

    Creative Director
  • Naomi Sundbergサンドバーグ直美

    Creative Art Director / Designer
  • Dean Aizawaアイザワ・ディーン

    Art Director / Designer / Illustrator

Advisory Force

  • Akira Shibuya澁谷 聡

    Architectural Director
  • Yo Umeda梅田陽

    Senior Director
  • Michael Wongマイケル・ウォン

    Hong Kong Representative
  • Richard Seireeniリック・セイリーニ

    Senior Brand Architect
  • Douglas Shinsatoダグラス・シンサト

    Senior Executive Advisor
  • Akira Amano天野明

    Senior Advisor