Creating an ideal weekend house membership club

Raysum, the asset management and real estate company, is launching a new timesharing project for the social rich. This project has three residences on a 6,600 square meter site in Karuizawa Minamihara and will provide a unique value and concept. Karuizawa Minahihara FOREST (tentative name) is a place where the social rich come back to themselves. FOREST is the place to spend quality time with family and friends. It is the “ideal life” ––a space to enjoy the unnecessary–– as the focus of “daily life” is efficiency and deadlines. Every visit to FOREST is filled with new surprises. Members can’t help wanting to share their experience with friends. The concept is to make FOREST a place for families to create memories. It will be designed to be conducive to making special moments by having activity themed villas and studios, as well as amenities to help facilitate interaction.