SAKURA craft_lab 001

Product Development And Branding Service

CIA, Inc. created SAKURA craft_lab’s total branding, starting with the designation of their DNA and the SAKURA craft_lab concept, and furthermore executing the product planning and development, as well as advertising and marketing.

The SAKURA craft_lab 001 was developed with the concept, “New Nostalgia” and a pursuit for more high quality and practical tool. The brass material is considered the “Evolving Pen” as each and every moment you hold it in your hands brings new sense of flavor. CIA provided branding service for Sakura Crepas Co. Ltd. and together developed the SAKURA craft_lab 001, which won the 2018 Grand Prize for Stationary Shop Award.

Total Branding / Complete planning and direction,
production, Executive Creative Director:
:CIA, Inc.
Product Design:YU MATSUDA
Advertising Creative Director & Copywriter:大林孝明
Advertising Art Direction:大松 敬和、水江 隆
Advertising Designer:水江 隆
Advertising Producer:奥脇 孝一
Web Development:NAKAHITO(中島 浩則)