Uniqlo expanded from a regional retailer of discounted sportswear to a nationally recognized retail brand selling its own merchandise. We tuned up the logo and brand identity, and brought in a team of merchandising professionals from the United States to review the company’s product lines. The goal of this team was to narrow down the number of products offered and focus on a new target market – Japan’s youth generation. We also hired the advertising firm, Wieden & Kennedy, to broadcast Uniqlo’s new image and product offers. Its immediate success was due to Uniqlo’s focus on creating an image and product for the youth market looking to express a native style with an international flair. The only carry over from Uniqlo’s past was the very low price points. Their products are now famous for style and low cost. Today, Uniqlo boasts store locations in every major city and district in Japan. They’ve shown a successful international presence with stores in the United States, the UK, France, South Korea, Hong Kong and China.