Reinventing a well-established confectioner brand

While maintaining the brand’s DNA of providing “delicate baked cookies,” we aimed to update the brand identity to maintain its relevance to the current consumer market. For the store development we collaborated with, Brooklyn architect, Jun Aizaki of crème design to create a display-case using custom-made Yoku Moku blue tiles. By using a prototype showcase, we investigated the best display with our VMD team. We also provided package design of their new product line targeting customers in their late 20s and early 30s. Two prototype stores were opened at Takashimaya Department stores in Yokohama and Nihonbashi, followed by the store openings in the Shinjuku, Odakyu and Ikebukuro Seibu stores. Early success stories suggest that Yoku Moku’s product realigning strategy played an effective role.